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If your pet has arthritis, this is for you!

Arthritis is an acute inflammation of joints that causes significant pain and makes moving difficult. Arthritis in pets, such as dogs and cats, is not uncommon. And unfortunately, arthritis has no cure. All you can do when you see symptoms is take your pet to the vet.

They will prescribe treatment from there.

How does your pet behave when it has arthritis?

  1. Their personality may shift from being a kind, placid pet to one that gets agitated quickly and violently. Cats and dogs can become very irritated when you try to touch them and can seem sad.
  2. All cats and dogs would become more lethargic. Your pet may grow more hesitant to jump on or off of things, even their comfy places. You may also find that your beloved furry friends move to sleep in a more convenient area. Even if it isn’t their preference, changes happen a lot with their tastes and desires.
  3. Cats may have trouble utilising the litter box, resulting in toileting accidents. Dogs may have started going in a spot they haven’t gone in before – one that’s easier to access for their weary bones.
  4. Usual grooming sessions may become uncomfortable for them too, with them giving you a sign that they’re hurting.
  5. They may also not like playing or mingling with family members anymore, preferring to keep to themselves.

How do you treat your four-legged family member during arthritis?

  1. Give them nutritious food and take care of them like a small baby, avoid things they dislike, until they’re back in action.
  2. Give them regular check-ups with their veterinarian, who can prescribe medical treatment that may help manage the pain.
  3. Regular exercise and a new nutritional approach may help to improve their wellbeing.
  4. be aware that excessive exercise as a puppy, trauma and poor nutrition are all major causes of inflammation of the joints, and in turn arthritis. Avoid such risks right from the beginning of your pet owner journey.

It can be more challenging to detect arthritis signs in young cats and dogs. This is because bone movement is typically smooth, and the joint fluids and cartilage are healthy and preserve the bones. The joint fluid loses its lubricating function as the animal ages and arthritis develops in, and the bone might wear out. The bones are more likely to collide and scrape against one other, causing unpleasant movement.

Arthritis in cats and dogs has no known cure. If your pet exhibits any of the symptoms listed above, take him or her to the veterinarian to be evaluated. There are a variety of approaches that are used to properly handle the issue.

As mentioned already, make sure your pet gets enough exercise, eats healthy food, and has regular appointments with the veterinarian. Every pet needs to have the best pet insurance to safeguard the owner’s expenses when it comes to medical bills, as they can add up quickly.

The best treatment that your pet can get during this time is your love and affection – rather than you stressing about paying for treatment. Pay for dog insurance or cat insurance NZ and reduce the potential stress of a pet with arthritis.

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