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What are some of the General safety principles when using a hardware wallet?

Possessing a hardware wallet set up with a verification backup that is in a place that is secure is very much capable of protecting you form certain digital attack that might harm your crypto assets. One of these hardware wallets is the ledger wallet, you can be able to Ledger applications in the device of your choice; that is you are very much capable of downloading it in a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or computer desktop.

However, even with a hardware wallet such as the ledger wallet you are still vulnerable to potential physical threats such as being held in a hostage situation or burglary. This is the reason as to why it is very essential for you to follow certain general safety principles, which you will be able to learn and comprehend by reading this article in a thorough manner, whenever you are using a hardware wallet such as the famous ledger live wallet

One of the general guideline that you most certainly should follow whenever you are using any kind of hardware wallet is that you should never tell anybody that you own a crypto currency asset. If by any chance you do tell someone that you are in possession of a crypto currency asset, make certain to keep the real value of your crypto currency asset to yourself.

If by any chance you are active in the online crypto currency community it is advisable that you protect your real identity from other knowing it and also you should always be mindful of the information that you are sharing in that crypto currency community. This, therefore, makes it another guidelines that you should strictly follow whenever you are using a hardware wallet such as the ledger live wallet to  conduct your crypto currency exchange and also secure your crypto currency assets.

Another strict guideline that most professional experts will truly recommend you to follow is not to use your home as a safety measure to keep your recovery sheet. Instead, it is very advisable for you to opt to use a bank vault as a security measure to keep your recovery sheet as it is more secure. You not having an instant access to your backup certainly increasesyou exposure to physical threats.

If by any chance your crypto currency assets are of large amount that you most certainly do not require a frequent access to, it is important for you to keep your hardware wallet be it a ledger wallet in the bank vault as well.  You can opt to use another hardware wallet that has a lower amount for frequent use.

Some of the other guidelines include never ever storing your recovery phase on your smartphone of computer desktop, keeping your recovery sheet physically secure so as to make sure that you cannot lose or destroy it by accident, and only trust what you are capable of seeing on the screen of your hardware wallet.

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