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Is LH-Crypto a regular scam or a pretty promising broker?

The company Larson&Holz has long been heard by traders. This financial group has been operating since 2004. It is an international organization with an almost perfect reputation.

Larson&Holz has offices in almost all major countries of the world, Russia is no exception. It has many financial projects and online services. One of the new, but promising and innovative – project LH-Crypto.

Thanks to this initiative, the company aims to conquer blockchain space. But unlike retail crypto brokers, she approached the issue qualitatively and technologically.

The company’s ICO was supported by thousands of investors who invested millions of dollars in a project in exchange for tokens, the price of which grew weekly by 5%.

To begin with, Larson&Holz restructured its activities by switching to a specific trading platform – MetaTrader5. This service meets all the needs of crypto traders, ensures the speed and quality of exchange trading.

LH-Crypto is an extensive system, not a decentralized blockchain platform. It has a unique functionality for the provision of various trade and brokerage operations.

A client who opens an account with LH-Crypto has the following unique features:

  • Work online with the help of special software;
  • Broker for both crypto and fiat traders;
  • Cryptocurrency trading training;
  • Instruments of the Forex market, contracts for difference, 200 names of investment instruments;
  • Opening 4 accounts in the crypt and Fiat;
  • Trading via mobile phone / tablet;
  • Market spreads, the minimum commission from the broker for services;
  • High leverage;
  • Technology Market Execution for the conclusion of transactions;
  • Automation of withdrawals through the platform operator and Online Withdrawal;
  • Communication traders in their social network;
  • Affiliate program to attract new customers;
  • Weekly and annual drawing of expensive prizes and large sums;
  • Consultations with stock trading experts;
  • Demo accounts to increase trading skills.

For clients a comfortable personal account was developed. It has a modern design and user-friendly interface. The trader will find the following information in it: video instructions, referral and cashback programs, bonuses, token balances, and ETH-wallet data. To open your own personal account you need to register. Registration is clear and fast, and for comfortable work, you can download the office as a mobile application for Android and IOS.

An account can be opened in 4 categories, from a free demo to a specialized pro. Deposit for the opening of 10 euros, 1,000 euros, 25,000 euros. Leverage from 1:40 to 1: 500. The limit on withdrawal of funds from 300 euros to 50 thousand euros.

You can make funds in both fiat currency (euro), as well as in the crypto currency. And you can bring them to the most popular payment systems without removing the percentage.

The broker takes a minimal fee for his servants. Crypto lot transactions cost 0.2% when opening a starting account, for professional traders the payment will be lower – 0.14%.

Crypto traders can hide their identity by opening an anonymous account. Tracking its owner is very problematic, even for government agencies. Many residents of the Arab countries are pleased with this opportunity, as virtual currency and trading are prohibited in their countries.

LH-Crypto – a project with a quick capitalization. The experience of Larson&Holz positively influenced the opening of a modern blockchain site. LH-Crypto strategy is aimed at expanding the list of liquid tokens using margin trading, increasing the list of crypto currency available to traders.

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